Friday, December 6, 2013

“You just remember who the enemy is”

After sobbing through the movie, Catching Fire, I
stumbled out the narrow isle of the theater with blurry
eyesight with Haymitch’s voice echoing in my mind. “You just
remember who the enemy is.”

I thought of a reoccurring theme I felt some Sunday when I was
trying very hard to learn and feel the spirit in church service.
One sister said that she felt she was more fortunate and
happier than others because she had the gospel in her life.
Another teacher taught people struggling with same-gender
attraction were nurtured that way and it should be corrected.
Ironically, those flashbacks were insinuated at the scene when
Plutarch Heavensbee pacifying President Snow. Snow was
concerned that all the tributes were raising their hands
unifying together at the interview but Plutarch quickly said
that they would all return to hunting each other in the arena
following the rules of the game as soon as the gong rang. Isn’t
it exactly what some of us are doing when our conversion
turns into a competition comparing timing, blessings, and
condemning each other’s imperfection?

My heart aches every time when similar statements are
camouflaged and preached as gospel truth. In the plan of
salvation, our enemy is not and will never be our fellow
brothers and sisters regardless of what faith and values they
have chosen to abide with. Our devotion and commitment of
discipleship does not put us anymore cherished nor favorable
in our Father’s eyes than any nonbelievers.   

Remember the vision of tree of life? Who were those that
were pointing their fingers, teasing and taunting others? How
did the believers response? They were focused and held on to
the iron rod then persistently pressing forward. After partaking
of the fruit, they invited others to join them rather than
terrorizing them for their current standing.

The Master Himself has reached out to the social outcast (tax
collector, woman committed adultery, individuals possessed by
spirit or suffered from physically challenged, etc……)
demonstrating unconditionally love and compassion. May we
all emulate the Savior’s example and increase our love and
ability to accept differences.

Just remember, who the real enemy is in this plan.    


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