Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Heavenly Gift--- Agency

2013 Christmas, I am grateful for the heavenly gift, agency.

Sitting on a wall of the famous fortress, I looked at the old Macau,
a slum contrasting the apparent glamorous new casinos. I thought
of the meaning of life, justice, and blessings of the gospel. Over the
course of the weekend, different events and discussions led me
back to the subject of agency and God’s love. I wish to share my
thoughts with you as I conclude the adventurous 2013.

I never really quite grasp the concept of agency and God’s love 
until nearly half way through my mission. During my time in
Kingman, Arizona, I came to know a courageous woman who
valiantly faced her past and strived towards her reactivity in the
Church. It was not an ordinary process as revealing her past to
Priesthood leaders including her father as part of the repentance
process. There were moments when we attempted to quit. There
were afternoons when we shared with each other the darkest days
of our lives and rejoiced in the healing power of the atonement.
But I didn’t comprehend the concept of agency until I saw the face
of her father.

I was sitting next to her when she was finally able to partake of the
sacrament with her full membership status. We silently proceed as
a deacon passed us the tray. Gratitude filled my heart and I had
gained a strange sense of appreciation for difficult trials in my life
because that brought us together. When I looked up to the stand
where her father sat, he was smiling, very emotional, gazing at his
daughter. His countenance was full of love, happiness, and peace.

Four years later, that resemblance of a kind Heavenly Father still
vividly reminds me of the true meaning of agency and love. It takes
infinite love to allow someone you care and love deeply to choose
because that rises uncertainty and mistakes but that is the beauty
of the Savior’s plan. We learn and grow from our choices and
constantly exercise the atonement to correct our course. This is my
belief and the sacred right that I safeguard for myself and for those
I have stewardship over.  

In this special time celebrating the birth of our Savior, may we
extend our Savior’s unwavering love to our brothers and sisters
who have chosen differently.

Merry Christmas!


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