Monday, December 2, 2013

Have you ever felt you are obligated to attend church activities?

I can’t remember since when I started to think that I am obligated to attend church activities and I also can’t remember when I started to realize this is a stinky idea.

I don’t understand why people have to feel “sorry” because they cannot attend certain activities. When does “attending church activities” become an obligation to church member, to a point that they have to feel sorry because they can’t attend?

I understand that church activities are meant to gather church members and provide a channel for non-members to get to know the church. But, does it necessary to plan every single details of an activity related to the gospel? I have heard of YSA dance with Joshua 1:9 as the theme and Halloween party with spirit world as the theme… I mean, these are good intention, but can’t a dance party just be a dance party? And a Halloween party just be a Halloween party? When I was in school in Hawaii, a church-organized (ward-organized) beach party is simply a beach party. A YSA dance is just simply a dance party. Can’t people just keep it simple? Don’t get me wrong, I strongly recommend you all to attend sacrament meetings, firesides and devotionals, where they focus on the Gospel and Christ. For leisure-type activities, please take it easy and have FUN.

I don’t understand why people always ask those who did not attend an activity this question, “I didn’t see you at that activity, what happened? Why didn’t you come?” Seriously? Do you really “care” that I didn’t attend that particular activity? I don’t think so. Some people ask this question with a good intention but others ask this question out of being noisy. Yes, they just want to know why you don’t support church activity. They assume that you are on the road to less-active, especially when you did not attend that spiritual dance party!

My friend told me that she tries her best to attend every single activity to show support and felt bad if she missed one. Please don’t let church activity stress you out. First, no one is obligated and second, no one should feel sorry for not going. Go to activities that really interested you. Don’t feel sorry that you miss one. Those activities organizers should not make people feel they “need” to attend. When I am willing, I enjoy. When I am not willing, I suffer. Take it easy. 


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