Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sexist Slurs Aren't Funny. Stop It!

What you say about women and how you treat us tells me more
about you than tells me more about myself. There have been far
too many people before you who try to convince me that I was
born secondary and meant to follow only because I am a
woman. Honestly, I think it is very disrespectful, absurd, and a
complete mockery to the priesthood power and authority that
you hold. But frankly, it doesn't bother me because
I know who I am.

What you say and do in fact insinuate how you treat the women
in your life. Your word and deed hurts them far more than it
hurts me because I can happily walk out of any doors and
possibly never see you again. So by all means you have every
right to say whatever you want but you are not putting me on
the line but only women whom you care about. So think wisely
on what you will say.


I woke up on a fine Saturday with this speech in my
mind. Perhaps I know that I can’t always punch every face that
utters these types of intruding comments and there will always
be many more. My life is not a wackamole and I honestly care
more about the good that I can do. 


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