Monday, July 7, 2014

We Believe in... DOING GOOD

July 1st, 2014, I walked down the footbridge in Causeway Bay with
Grace and we were waiting for the protest to begin. As I saw the van
leading a massive crowd slowing moving forward, a surge of familiar
emotions quickly replaced my excitement and my eyes became

I would have never prepared for the moment. But that day, I felt
fearful as I tried to envision the future of Hong Kong.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. 

I was 2 when I went to the first public demonstration for June 4th. 

In the Church, we often talk about salvation/eternal family/eternal life.
When it comes to doing good, the direction of discussion often leads
back to a spiritual level where we just baptize them all (as doing them
a favor). In a recent YSA activity, I felt the familiar sense of
hollowness and got me thinking about the purposes of life.

I played nice, joked, and chatted but it still felt like swallowing a ton of
filibusters or MSG.That really yucky sense of hollowness was
grossing me out. As much as I like having fun and looking for an
adventure, it just doesn’t cut it. 

Why feeling empty? Am I just missing someone who can talk about
anything and everything with me? 

Ha.. maybe .. but I wholeheartedly believe that there is more to life
than gratification. YSA stuff is fun and cool but can we for once at
least do something for someone else? I want to serve because that
what Jesus will do. I want to talk and learn about politics because I, in
reality, live in a society frankly filled with lousy politicians. I want to
talk about medicine because health is important beyond the don’ts in
the Word of Wisdom. I want to talk about gender equality because
some women still see the priesthood as a burden and were so glad not
to have it. 

Warning: more venting are ahead. 

Today my Facebook newsfeed was filled with people sharing this
article. Quick summary for my non-Chinese speaking peeps: A high
school boy received an outstanding award and revealed his living
conditions in his speech. He was abandoned by his parents and was
raised by his grandparents. After his grandpa passed away, his
grandma’s hoarding habits was uncontrollable. In his own word, he
described “ I have to shower 3 times and run out of the door. The
fridge has been broken for awhile and I have to eat overnight leftover
food even it’s spoiled. Sometimes a ton of ants will crew out from the
food, and there are flies around but I have to eat it. It really looks like
poop but I get used to throwing up and stomach pain.” He was
depressed and attempted suicide but was thankfully stopped by

Here comes my point—> Why would anything feel touched and think
that was love??????????????????????
My first reaction was blunt: where the heck are teachers and social
workers? That is by the book child abuse!!!!!! Grandma was clearly
mentally unstable and physically, emotionally endangering the boy.
How can any one legitimately call it love and obedience?  By are we
reacting to this type of unnecessary sacrifice and consider it as

Then I remember my sense of hollowness. This is the last days. This
is the world that’s filled with twisted values and confusion as
mentioned in the scriptures. Sometimes I even feel that we get too
caught up in working towards our own salvation and eternal family
and forget that it’s part of our covenant to serve others. I hope this is
a time for us to reflect on how we can do to help more, to reach out to
those who are in need, even if they don’t appear to be or esteem as
unworthy to receive help. 

The July 1st protest is not a one time deal but only a beginning. The
moment we critically think, to let go of essence of (Mormon/Chinese/
whatever) culture that is not in harmony with Christ’s teaching, we
reignite hope, a hope that will carry us through rough time till the
second coming of Christ. 

 There is work to do :) 


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  1. I also felt like there was more good that could be done by the YSAs when I was in the YSA program. Unfortunately, I was outvoted when it came to planning activities (and I wasn't even involved in planning most of them). Glad you're taking the initiative! Also, as a side note, there's a lot of fulfillment that comes from having a family, but not enough to satiate that feeling that you should be doing something more--at least for me. I have found that life is most fulfilling when I'm doing more than the minimum, that's for sure!