Friday, May 30, 2014

One Year Mark!

Danise and I started this blog last year. Time does fly and we both can't believe what had happened to us and the kind of experiences that we had in the past year. We are both starting a new chapter in life in the coming months and all that we can say is - God does watch over us and knows us really well.

In the past year, we both tried to express out thoughts and ideas through this blog and boldly share what we think about the Church and the Mormon culture to others. We receive both positive and negative comments. What touches me is, somehow, somewhere, people who we barely know and have access to our blog would come to us and say "oh, how I love your blog!", "That's exactly what I think!", "I do read your blog and enjoy reading it.". These words and conversations are truly an uplifting encouragement  to Danise and I, and we are truly thankful for these kind words. Sometimes we do get negative comments, that's alright, we all think differently, right? We do appreciate the time you spent on reading what we wrote.

On my part, I felt that I have grown a lot in the past year, in contemplating and understanding my relationship with God, the Church, the members, and myself. It has come clear to me that as members of the Church, we need to stop thinking that we are the "chosen" people and let go of the pride.We need to let go of the structural limitation of the organization and focus more on seeing people as people. We need to, as the Bible said, remove the beam from our own eye when interacting with other members, and lastly, we need to see ourselves as people and love ourselves ten times more than we do now, and treat ourselves better.

At last, I am grateful for my buddy Danise, without her, this blog won't exist. I thank her for the wonderful mind that she has, and the willingness to talk about things that no one would talk to me about regarding some church issues and how we feel about it.

Thank you Danise, and thank you to all who read this blog!


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