Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Aftermath

Sitting in the sacrament meeting and knowing I no longer have to look 
over my shoulder, my heart was filled with a sense of serenity that
I’ve missed. I thought of Elder Holland’s talk at the Area Office
devotional talking about imperfect people in a perfect church.  I
remembered all the kind and awesome leaders I’ve met and served
with and how much I wanted to grow up to be just like them. 

The past month was a very difficult one. I tried to stay strong and not
let all the criticisms drowned me but every one around me saw the
dark cloud above my head. It was a very dark place, a place where I
could not leave without help. 

It was a miraculous day how my rescue was orchestrated and
executed swiftly. Within two days, I had moved to another branch and
left the dangerous situation. I thank each of you, who have offered
prayers on my behalf, comforted me, be my empathetic ear, rescue
me from the situation or FED ME CHOCOLATE. You have been by
my side each step along the way and I am grateful to have your

Sometimes those feelings and thoughts, the alienation from Heaven
instilled by threats and intimidation, overwhelms me that I will start
crying regardless of where I am and what I am doing. (I totally just
cried my whole way home on the bus tonight and probably scared the
lady sitting next to me). 

When that happens, I’ll cry, and take deep breaths; keep thinking how
my Savior has been through the same situation so that He can
comfort me. I’ll count all the amazing people who has helped me to
find safety. I’ll remember that I am loved and surrounded by friends
and I do not walk alone.

The perpetrator once mocked me saying I had no right to stop him
from caring about me and receiving revelation for me a.k.a doing
horrible thing to me.

He was wrong,
because I did.

we did it.  


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