Monday, January 27, 2014


Psshhas been my response for people asking me what my new
year resolution is but somehow I have managed to figure one out.

I am going to love me for who I am.

Too many times I have been told I am too _________ in my life.

Recently, a male leader in my ward told me that I was too educated,
too career advanced, and too bright to be corrected by him. I don’t
want to dig too deep into what his implications are and I am very
well aware of my imperfections. That got me thinking of the other
too ______ incidents. Sometimes it was said at the end of a
relationship when I was told he loved me but I was too XYZ for
him. Sometimes it was in class when I was told being too
aggressive, too good.

This needs to be changed.

Remember the parable of talents? All the master has asked for is a
report of how his servants have utilized their talents. Of all the people on
this planet, I know and am accountable for the talents and skills I have
been entrusted. While the Lords will has led me to this point with a
graduate degree and working with some of the best people on the
earth in my young age, I am happy with where I am at.

It isnt too ________; it is just right.

Surely if you want to pick on what I am not comparing to the popular
gender norm, I am not a lot of things. I am not marriedI am not
underweightI am not very feminineI am not ……. whatever..

One thing Ive been learning in the past year is learning to accept and
love myself, even my flaws and weaknesses. It motivates me to be better,
and strive harder while encountering challenges. It changes my whole
world view and it simply makes me happier.

I love talking to one of my friends who always reminds me who I am
even after we have teased each other with every single possible
joke and bet on anything we've played. Without cease, he ensures I
know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am enough, and then we
go on with our amusing conversations.

I may not have control of how others perceive me but I do have
control on how I see myself. I will pursue my dreams and follow my
path wherever it may take me.

I am not perfect but I am enough.

I am going to love me for who I am.


Because who's better than me to do that??


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