Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mormons are good at living a double life. It’s okay to admit it.

Recently I read an article about a sister who did not have a single clue that her husband is having a double life after marrying him for almost 27 years. Her husband is addicted to pornography and couldn’t help quitting it. As I was reading this article, I thought to myself: “Mormons are really good at living a double life, aren’t we?” Needless to say pornography, others like, gambling, masturbation, cheating, swearing, lying, gossiping…… (the list can go on forever), Most of the time we are having a double life and we are not aware of.

By talking about double life, I am not saying that Mormons are good people in the day time and serial killers during the night, instead, we have one face at the church and another in daily life. We are not perfect, and Mormons are no exception. At church, no matter it’s an official meeting or social gathering, it seems natural to show the perfect Mormon side. On how great we are, and how perfect our lives are. Everyone seems so perfect that they are immune from adversities and challenges. But in daily life, Mormons may swear a little bit, gossip a little bit, or cheat a little bit...etc. I congratulate you if you have never done these in your life (which is quite impossible), but if you have, it’s okay to admit it, at least to admit it to yourself and your loved ones.

I think some Mormons find it unacceptable and difficult to admit that they live a double life. The double life owner may feel shameful to admit that they have done such--and-such. And the audience (the members) may think that it is impossible for so-and-so have done that. The husband in the story I mentioned, as the wife said, was in a pretty high church calling position when he was addicted to pornography. Obviously no one is going to believe that he has an addiction, and he himself has done so well in hiding it. Until to a point that he finds himself cannot stand for himself anymore.

I admire the sister and brother in the story that I mentioned above. The husband admitted that he is addicted to porn and the wife admitted that this is not shameful but something that they have to fight for. I am not suggesting that we all should go up to the pulpit on fast Sunday and share it out loud to everyone about the double life that we have. But I think Mormons should be true to themselves, be who we are, and not faking to be another person in front of other members. 


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