Thursday, January 16, 2014

Law of Chastity: It’s about Love

The missionaries desperately urged on the other end of the phone.
“Danise, can you please come? We need your testimony of the law 
of chastity.” I bursted out laughing with a witty thought in mind 
thinking they may change their minds when they hear what I ha
to say.

Not too long into the lesson, I knew why the missionaries needed help. 
The sweet little investigator posted a really good argument: sex is 
essential in a romantic relationship and she thought it was great 
when both parties consent to the degree of intimacy as the relationship 

I smiled because I found a common language that would help us 
understand each other — love.

The law of chastity is more than mastering our ability to manage the 
procreation power. In the Family Proclamation, it clearly states that 
physical intimacy is also an expression of love between husband and wife. 
Among other essences like friendship, respect, self-discipline, time, and 
understanding, physical attraction/romance is also critically essential in a
relationship (Elder Bruce C. Hafen, The Gospel and Romantic Love). What 
does sexual purity mean? Why keeping ourselves morally clean is so 
important before and after marriage?

Notice I say after marriage too because I don’t believe that chastity simply 
means no premarital sex. It is a lifetime, eternal commitment for us to remain
pure and
virtuous in our thoughts, words, and action. It is a commitment 
of love and let’s talk about why it is about love.

1.     It is a love of God to keep His commandments. Simple is that. He wants us to
be free from additions and harm’s way and He has given us commandments
teaching us to stay away from unnecessary or avoidable sorrow. He has also
promised us that we are entitled to the protection and constant
companionship of Holy Ghost when we remain morally clean.

2.     When we love ourselves, we treat our mind and body well just like we try
eating healthy and exercising to stay fit. It makes us feel great. The same
goes along with sexual purity. We honestly express affection that is within the
limit of the commandment and never treat intimacy as a commodity. We
respect ourselves and honour our commitment and choices in relationships.

3.     It is also an act of love to respect our love interest/spouse. Physical attraction
and intimacy can be a very powerful feeling that overpowers other critical
abilities like thinking straight and understanding each other. Progress
gradually within the protection of the commandment.  What a loving and
honorable act to put each other’s welfare before our own gratification.

In the end, we smiled and I ended with my own testimony and conviction of the
law of chastity. Love isn’t convenient or cheap. It is the enabling power allowing
you and I to be like God, to care for and love others beyond our own natural
ability. The law of chastity is a guiding principle of love and I am truly grateful for
it even though I haven’t fully comprehended the promise blessings.


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