Sunday, September 29, 2013

Romantic Love & Gender Equality

Let’s face the elephant in the room head on.

We don’t speak of gender equality enough isn’t because we are apathetic
but our concern for the price that comes with the discussion.  With so
many misconceptions and extreme groups’ misrepresentations, feminism
is like the F word in many Mormon communities.  

Question 1: Is gender equality opposing traditional family values?

NO, exactly the opposite! Feminism isn’t denying everything feministic or

girly but promoting true respect for both men and women. It emphasizes
on the flexibility (just like The Family Proclamation) and equality.
Harrison & Richards (1996-97) published a study titled “Feminism in the
Light of the Gospel” via BYU Studies explaining the basic branch of
feminism (gender equality) was doctrinally correct. a

Question 2:  Do I pay a social penalty for believing and embracing gender

Um.. yes! Think of it in a positive way. Eternal marriage means loving and
working alongside with an imperfect person whom I love and trust
wholeheartedly. I hands down want to be with someone who loves me for
who I am and vice versa. Everyone deserves the right to choose, even for
those who don’t share the same view. But remember too, there are
differences between boldness and boastfulness. Boastfulness isn’t that
likable at all

Question 3: Are there single guys out there that believe in similar


Absolutely yes!!!
It gives me courage to hope for and seek out
opportunities knowing how enchanting, happy, satisfying, exciting, and
fulfilling this type of relationship can be. Throw away the check list and do
not settle for anything less. People who believe in gender equality come 
in different sizes and shapes (culture, ethnicity, age, educational or career
background); and you can never really tell until you have spent time
in depth conversations and interaction with them. Open up to
opportunities and keep trying!
Word of advice, you have to live it yourself
others to recognize you.

Being a trailblazer is never easy and we are meant to work through
challenging circumstances being the change ourselves. My awesome
institute teacher, Sister Watkins, once shared a counsel she has given to
her daughter. She said, “Make sure you only choose a guy that will swim
through shark infested water to get to you because you’re so worth it.”
The shark infested waters here represents difficulties, obstacles,
weakness, or in a sense the paradigm shift that we are striving to see. If
we are in shark infested ourselves, it will certainly make sense to choose
a fellow swimmer.

Happy swimming everyone!! 


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