Saturday, November 23, 2013

Please don’t “just” marry a worthy priesthood holder.

I have been to many interviews with bishop and church leaders. Since I am still single in my late-20s, which is unacceptable to many in the Mormon community (Lol), I have received numerous counsels from the leaders saying, “Sister, I encourage you to find a worthy priesthood holder to date, or marry.” In my mind, I said “oh ya, you are right……”

You all probably think, “Are you crazy? Are you going to date/marry someone who doesn’t hold the priesthood?” Yes, I am crazy, but I am not going to let the “only-married-priesthood-holder” thought got me. I am sick of hearing people telling me that, “hey, he is a good priesthood holder, you two should go on dates / he holds the priesthood, go for it!” What if I marry someone who doesn’t hold the priesthood, does it mean that I am a rebel or not obedient?  Does it mean that I will have a miserable life? I think sisters who married someone just because he is a worthy priesthood holder may also have a miserable life.

Is a worthy priesthood holder good enough? I don’t think so. Is the counsel from leaders are wrong? Not really. Then, what’s wrong? The misconception is, this type of counsel makes people blindly believe that marrying a worthy priesthood holder will bring you happily ever after. It is exactly the same message from the fairy tales. It’s not true and it has ruined so many people lives!

Love takes effort. I used to think that I only need to aim for someone who is “worthy” and work it out, but no, heck no! I think we do need better counselling on this matter and please stop making people feel that “worthy” is the one and only character that we should be desired of. Same apply to the brothers; please don’t falsely believe that a worthy sister must be a great one. A relationship involves communication, interaction, understanding……and the list can go on and on.  Take time to understand each other and learn and grow with each other. It’s better to find someone you truly love, from head to toe, rather than to be with someone who is just a worthy priesthood holder.


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