Monday, November 11, 2013

Love Knows No Borders

Woman at the well has always been one of my favorite stories of
Jesus Christ. The message of living water is great but what I love
the most is the implication of His majestic gesture. During a time
of seriously conflict between Jews and Samaritans, the Savior set
aside all racial and political notions teaching a woman (with even
less social capital) adapting to her needs with an analogy she
 would understand.

What an awakening example of racial equality hinting the
sociality of God’s kingdom. By all means, I can’t see in near future
there will be a Chinatown in celestial kingdom let alone
geographical racial segregation. But how are we doing now as
imperfect mortal beings striving to be part of that utopia?

Few months ago, a friend and I talked about what we could do to
empower the awesome Filipino sisters and increasing social
awareness while getting severely sunburnt. The seed has been
planted in my heart as for years I see segregation being the
so-called solution of conflict prevention. For instance, we meet on
the 4 & 5/F of the chapel and they meet on the 1,2,6,&7/F. For
holidays, they are driven out from their employer’s houses and
congregate at any open spaces in the city.

When these amazing sisters invited me to accompany their
musical numbers at district conference, I recognized the
opportunity. I love practicing and getting to know each one of
them every Saturday. Eden, the choir director and soloist,
exhausts every bit of her energy sharing her talent and helping
everyone to progress. They soon open up and accepted me to be
part of the group even people from my ethnicity have possibility
mistreated them. Hugs, smiling faces, and sincere care dissolve
the invisible barrier between us as our convictions unite as one in

Sitting among them at district conference was a humbling
experience. When President Tai spoke of troubled hearts in trying
times (he was mainly consoling sisters whose families are affected
by the super typhoon in the Philippines), I had an epiphany on
equality. Whether they were crying because of their concerns for
their families or me tearing up because of the stormy situations I
was facing, we were all comforted by an inspiring message
addressing to our different needs regardless of our nationalities.
I love them and am truly grateful for their friendship and care.

FYI: We will be participating in the Combined Stake & District
Christmas Concert performing "Love Knows No Borders".



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