Friday, August 30, 2013

Why is a Beyond 5 concert more than 5 good looking guys with great voices?

Over the past few months, Beyond 5 has been the hot topic for the Church in Asia (especially in Hong Kong) and a heated debate on whether this type of event is suitable for the youths. Some of you have chosen to show your support in whatever ways to speak up and some of you have chosen my facebook as a battleground. If you are seeking for neutrality in my opinion, sorry I’ll be up front with you about me being totally biased and I am happy to tell you why.
“Wholesome recreation is part of our religion”
In his quote, President Ezra Talf Benson went on saying that a change of pace was necessary, and even its anticipation could lift the spirit. Attending a concert with uplifting music qualifies as a wholesome recreational activity and I am still amazed by the amount of excited, happy faces in Music Zone that day. Aside from heavily doctrinal based Sunday lessons, seminary, and programs (Personal Progress & Duty to God), the youths deserve to have a great time and just have fun. Their performance is certainly reenergizing and has offered a comfortable ground for the youths to share their faith with friends.
They are “daring greatly” pursuing their goals
Giving up what regular teenagers can enjoy and striving for a career requires so much courage and determination. I’m sure they’ve had people calling them out to be “realistic” or ridicule their choice of career.  This is the exact adventurous spirit we need to see in our youths as they are paving their future under extreme pressure. Many of us today are preferring job security and stability giving up what we are truly passionate to do. Daring greatly and having the guts to pursue a goal this big is admirable whether it be your dream or not.

They stand for what they believe in
Before singing the song “Serenade”, they shared their thoughts on respecting women and honoring influential women in their lives. It turns out their action speaks louder than words. From my short time interacting with them, they are the most respectful, hilarious, genuine, and humble young men I’ve ever met. They have always been courteous to their fans and warmly expressed appreciation for their support.  Don’t we all wish more brothers are like that in the Church?

It’s okay for the girls to like boys.
The ability to identify good qualities and traits takes practice just like any other skills and it’s perfectly healthy for girls to like boys. I am so thrilled to know that young women consider Beyond 5 attractive seeing all the awesome qualities they possess. More importantly, I wish the girls will always remember how great it feels to be special and treated with respect. Three of my young women were invited on stage to be serenaded and they are still all giggly and smiley about it. What a powerful example for young men on how to treat a girl right!!       

I can’t say enough great things about the band and that is why I have been completely on board the second I was invited to help out with the Hong Kong portion of the tour.  Before you go all adamant or ballistic about why the Church would co-host this type of event, look at all their positive influence and impact they have already made. If you really like them, make sure your voices are heard because maybe we can invite them back again :)


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